Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Stuff Again

Here it is a Monday and all I really have is an update from the weekend happenings. This was the weekend of the Holy Trinity carnival. Friday night & Saturday late afternoon & night were spent there. Lots of fun rides for the kids. Didn't really go through the game tent much--I only made it inside once on Friday and never did make it the whole way through. Kids had a lot of fun doing the rides--all of them. Rose liked Starship 2000--the fast spinning thing and the mo mo???/octopus thing. Thomas liked the Dragon rollercoaster & riding it with Rose. Also we only did the bumper cars once, but he liked it--the line was just too long to take him on more. He also liked the kid ferris wheel, which he did with Rose or other cousins. Rose, Thomas & Angie all did the cars. Angie & Thomas the carasol and train. All three also did the big slide thing. All in all a very good time and it didn't seem too expensive to me, but Debbie bought the tickets so I am not sure how much see actually spent.

Saturday morning I did a 2 man scramble for St Rita parish Holy Name, which I am a member at Ruth Park. It was only a 9 hole tourney, so it was short enough I could get done and get back home so Debbie could get a few things done before we all went to the carnival. I golfed with the father in law, together we had fun, but not very good golf. I think we shot a 42 with par being 35. We each ended up with a gift cert to a restaurant though so not too bad.

Sunday was really nothing much. After church we went to my in laws for Sunday lunch, kind of a normal happening when everyone is not too busy. I watch a little football, a little baseball and played with the kids some.

Tonight Debbie & I went with Debbie's brother Dave & his wife Joann to the Cardinals game. We used the tickets I won in the All Souls golf tournament a couple of weeks ago. The seats were very good, 3 rows behind the camera well on the homeplate side of the Cardinal's dugout. The Cards fell behind 11-0, but managed to get back into the game and get to 12-11 before the 9th inning. Izzy came in and gave up a solo shot, 13-11 and the Cardinals were not able to score in the 9th--got runners on but couldn't get a big hit. It was fun seeing the game from close seats like that--the 1-2 games a year we get to are usually nose bleed seats.

As far as what is going on with this blog, I am not really sure. I probably need to make some decisions about what I feel like talking about beyond just these journal type entries. I know I want to talk about Running more--it is just that I have been inconsistant with my running which in turns makes it hard to even mention. With the elections coming up in a little over a year, I might talk some about Politics since I am very much interested in this, but even there my thoughts seem to be more gray--kind of hard to put down in words a lot of the time. I should work in more about Sports, I do enjoy following many different sports also.

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