Monday, October 8, 2007

Just Stuff

Again not too inspired to write/type anything much. I think I will just do a few quick bullet points for now.

*Reading. Still working on Atlas Shrugged. I am caught in John Galt's neverending speech. It seems the most I can read is about 2-3 pages at one time. I know I have to keep pushing at it, but it seems too much like work.

*Nebraska football fan. I have really been following the team less and less the last few years. I only saw a few minutes of the USC game before watching most of the Mizz game. Wow, they were really beaten soundly by Mizz. I give Mizz a lot of credit, simply they were easily the better team. For me I want Callahan gone and I want a return to a run first type offense.

*My Fantasy Football team won for the 2nd time this year. I got a very good game from my backup(now maybe starter)kicker Brown from Houston. Witten iced the game for me tonight. Still only sitting at 2-3 but that is 2 straight wins. Now if Brees & Alexander can get going and I get Harrison & Bolden healthy I could still make the playoffs.

*Christmas will be in NE this year. Should be fun, not sure how the kids will like not being at home for Christmas, but being spoiled by Grandma is always a good thing. Will need to check the Creighton schedule & see if any home games around that time--not that I would go and leave my wife & kids at home, but something to think about.

*Running has been tough lately. It was hot and humid this weekend. I hadn't run since last Monday until this Saturday. I only got out late on Saturday getting 3 miles in at Woodson Park before it got too dark to continue. Sunday I went out around 11am and wanted to get five, but only did 4.5--with mostly walking the last 1.5 miles. I was worried I was getting dehydrated so I really backed it off. Should have taken water & also stopped for water at a park 2 miles into it. Did 4 miles tonight, first 2 were 13:00 & 13:30, then a 12:59 & a 12:10. Overall slow and tough, was cooler but still just could seem to breathe very well at beginning. I will take Tues off & try to get a run in Wed & see how it goes. Race on 11/11 is up in the air at this point.

*Still eating bad food and too much of it. I did have a couple of salads for meals last week and one over the weekend. I will need to do more of this and cut back on my portions of the bad food. Of course, right now I want to eat some ice cream also--probably about a 50% chance I do once I finish this up.

*Wife is putting on a Flea Market at our church this Saturday with proceeds going to Down Syndrome Association. This is part of the fundraising we are doing to get Thomas on the field at next year's buddy walk. Debbie said that all of the spots and more are taken--somewhere around 60. Just need to finalize the BBQ details and hope for good weather.

*I haven't picked out my next book yet, have a few that I am considering but will probably wait till I finish Atlas Shrugged. With that I am going to try to get my 5 or so pages in now before going to bed. Good night.

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