Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 miles

I did 3 miles on Monday that went pretty much just bad. I had eaten a big lunch & I don't think it was well digested by the time I was running so I ended up walking a lot. Oh well I got the 3 miles in. Also doing 6 miles on Sunday may have contributed as well.

Tonight then after work I did another 3 miles, it was better. Still not very good but better. First mile was around 12:30, 2nd 13:20 and 3rd around 13:40. Like I said not very good but the fact I am calling it better gives you an idea how bad Monday was. After a couple of very nice days, I guess it was nice today too but by the time I started running it was windy, a cold north wind. My ears were very cold by the time I finished & I had a headache when they started to thaw.

At least I am back to running some. One of my Lenten things was to run at least twice a week and so far so good on that.

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