Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long Run

I went for a long run today, the weather was great and figured now was the time. I went to Creve Coeur Park and did 6 miles. It was kind of rough but I was expecting that. The first mile was around 14:45 but that included a bathroom stop. The park was crowded and the regular bathroom was still closed for the season so I had to hit a porta potty about a 1/3 of a mile after starting. The 2nd mile was even slower at 15:25 but I will cut myself a little slack since I saw some deer in the woods in 2 different locations, 6 deer in total. Kind of fun to see them but it was difficult since their coats matched the color of the tree trunks.

The last 4 miles were something like 13:13, 13:17, 13:10 and 13:07, so while no great time in there, I will take them. It was very consistent times but slow, I really just wanted to get the miles in, time wasn't much of a factor. I am tired now but I did feel good and am very glad I got it in.

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