Sunday, June 12, 2011

Berlin Blues--#35 finished

I have gotten a decent amount of reading in this weekend & have finished my 2nd book in 2 days. There will not be another tomorrow though, only reading 1 right now & many pages away from finishing. On Berlin Blues, it is a weird book, weird in mostly a good way, with some interesting characters and happenings. The main character is a Herr Lehmann which the story revolves around but he is kind of a simple and odd character. Because of that it is almost that a lot of what is going on around him is missed both by him and by you the reader, kind of interesting but also kind of detached as well. You know there is more to the story than what you are getting.

It is an interesting read but nothing earth shattering. The time is also a little weird in that it occurs in the late 1980s while there is still an East & West Germany & Berlin. This story happens in West Berlin but East is mentioned as well. It was a time when I was in college so I kind of understand that but the book wasn't written till 2005 so a lot of time has passed as well.

I have posted it on PBS and it is the only copy on the system. No idea how quickly it will move, could be weeks, months or years, don't really know. Now I am down to just reading Wonderful Tonight, Pattie Boyd's story, she a child of the '60s & '70s I guess, married to both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Only 40 some pages in so just getting started. I will probably start another tonight. I have spent some time looking at books for vacation too, I prefer paperbacks and simple reads--still narrowing it down right now.

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