Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thinner--#37 finished

This is an old Stephen King book from the 1980s written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. I went through a Stephen King phase in the mid to late 1980s where I read about everything I could find starting with The Stand. I know Firestarter, Dead Zone, The Talisman were among them, Different Seasons a short story book, it was a fun time. It was also a time when they all started to seem the same or at least same in enough ways that they quit interesting me. Last year I read Cell and it brought back some of those Stephen King memories and Thinner was kind of different. It really wasn't scary in any sense that I could tell at least at this point for me, maybe 30 years ago I would have thought differently. An okay read but kind of strange also given that it happened in the early to mid '80s, just a different time as I am sure I have said with earlier books. No cell phones, computers but no internet, answering service, 3 Big Macs, fries, couple shakes, apple pie all cost $6.70, things like that were just kind of funny.

I basically thought the book was no big deal but that is okay, it was just my vacation read. It fit the bill of being easy to read page turner with little thought needed. Like Playing for Pizza, I probably won't be posting it on PBS because it just won't move for a long long time if at all & there are probably a bunch of copies already on the system. I think it will be passed along to the used bookstore for credit.

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