Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing For Pizza--#36 finished

This is one of those John Grisham novels that is not about a lawyer. It is instead about a 3rd string QB who gets run out of Cleveland and the NFL & finds himself playing football in Italy. A good story with a lot of interesting things about football in Italy. This is one of my summer vacation reads and it fit the bill. Quick easy to read and didn't have to put much thought into it. It was also a good story. Grisham writes good stuff that is easy to get through for a little entertainment.

There are over 1100 copies already on PBS so I will probably not be putting it on my bookshelf, it will probably get traded in at the used bookstore for credit if they will have it. I am still reading Wonderful Tonight but hadn't touch in over a week since it didn't come along on vacation, I didn't want to take a hardcopy book. I started Thinner, the Stephen King book on vacation and also started Cut to the Quick. I am farther along with Thinner.

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