Monday, April 21, 2014

Crude World--#24 finished

The subtitle is The Violent Twilight of Oil.  The author talks about all of the economic downfalls of oil especially from the producing countries.  Countries like Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Iraq, etc.  Countries were corruption and vast wealth disparities have become the norm.  The author seems to really favor wind & solar as replacements as I would think most people would if proven effective enough.  And by replace, I don't mean and neither did the author mean completely, enough to start weaning our economies away from oil dependence.  A good read with some interesting thoughts and insights.  As part of the consumer country here in the US, I know I often don't think of what it takes to get the oil here and refine it for our use.  I enjoy watching shows like Klondike Gold and Nome Gold and think while watching, what a waste of time and effort for that little bit of gold.  Reading this book I had similar thoughts--all of efforts, corruption, pollution, destruction of environment, poverty, etc that are brought about by oil, really makes you question if it is worth it.  Of course our style of living is predicated on cheap energy, take the cheapness away and things would change drastically.

I will post it on PBS at some point, but no hurry right now, I think there are 14 or so WL for it.  I am still reading The Clarinet Polk and Silent Enemy and the Does Anything Eat Wasps books.  I might look to start another tonight or tomorrow.

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