Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nightwing--#22 finished

This is a 1970s book by Martin Cruz Smith, the same author that has the Russian detective Renko series.  This is not part of that series and it predates that series.  It has a lot of what I remember about the  '70s, some Indian/Native American themes and a fear that something was going to wipe humans out.  I remember the Billy Jack movies & the mushrooms, I think they were '70s movies, at least that is when I saw them and there was the commercial about pollution being bad with the Indian with a tear running down his cheek.  The Westerns as movies were popular and there were TV shows like Lone Ranger and Gunsmoke(not sure if had Indian themes but was western).

The 2nd part was the fear of wild unknown things wiping out humanity.  I remember killer bees and killer ants.  There was a fruit fly scare that I kind of remember as well.  This book with vampire bats that spread the plaque on an Indian reservation out west with the plaque threatening to go epidemic proportions.

For these reasons this book placed me back into a childhood kind of memory.  It is a good story and for the most part I like Cruz Smith as a author.  This isn't anything great but was a good read.  I needed a paperback to grab quick before a doctor's appointment last month & this was the one I saw and it fit the bill.  I think I read at least the first 50 pages in the waiting room and then waiting in the exam room.

I have posted it on PBS, there was a copy of this version already and I think probably plenty of copies of other versions.  I don't expect it to move but I have been surprised enough to realize I need to put it on my PBS bookshelf and see what happens.

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