Friday, June 20, 2014

Tiger--#39 finished

This is a book about Tiger Woods written right after his sex scandal, not sure if that is the correct way to refer to it since it was multiple sexual events but I think everyone gets the picture.  The book does a nice job of talking about his parents and their lives and then into Tiger's life.  Pretty remarkable life for Tiger from little on to now.  It is too bad for his family that all this came out in such a public light, his ex-wife seems to not want the spotlight and putting kids through it is terrible too.  The paparazzi is one of those scourges on our society but of course it is us the public that feeds them.  I guess we just suck.  Oh well, I thought this was a good read, lots of good insight into Tiger and his family.  Also interesting stuff about how the PGA tour really depends on Tiger's name to get viewers and then prize money coming in.

I will be posting it on PBS, there are already 3 copies on the system but figure it should move at some point--once Tiger starts golfing and winning again.

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