Friday, June 6, 2014

The Mid-Night Club--#36 finished

This is a James Patterson book from the late 1980s.  Not too bad but it does read a little old but obviously that can't be helped.  A crime boss with legitimate businesses tries to become the leader of all crime bosses but also can't help getting dirty still doing killings, etc.  A kind of take over the world by finance and money through crime--drug trade, prostitution, etc, etc.  Characters okay & story okay but that is about it, not really an exciting book.  My copy was a mass media paperback and I needed a book like that to tuck in and take places the last month & this one fit the bill.  Would have qualified for a summer reading book during vacation but already finished it.

I might as well post it on PBS at this point since I got it from a PBS deal but I don't expect it to go anywhere unless I offer a deal or something.  There are many copies on PBS already.

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