Monday, July 28, 2014

Corked--#44 finished

It says it is a memoir but is a little crazy if it is.  The author and her dad are the two main characters.  Kathryn, the author, struggles with getting beyond hitting & killing someone with her car several years ago in college.  Her dad is a kind of checked out emotions type but also with very strange ways.  A kind of odd couple but you can see they also kind of favor each other in a way.  She is looking for acceptance from her father and it seems as though wine is his most important part of his life.  She also sees him aging and the fear of losing him without really knowing him scares her as well.  I also think there is a lot to do with the person she hit & killed was an elderly man and she sees her father getting to that point & is realizing that death can be that immediate.

Overall, just okay.  Not a big wine person but kind of fun to read about some of the wineries they visited.  A lot of the tension and her screwed up life just really didn't interest me.  Dad finally told a real story of his life, of being imprisoned for 30 plus days for a crime he didn't commit and how that kind of changed his life.  How when bad stuff happens he sort of returns to that state.  Okay but overall not really that interesting or that funny but this is a first book for the author so not too bad either.

I have posted it on PBS and there is 1 copy a head of it.  I would expect it to move at some point but PBS as whole has been moving slowly so who knows.

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