Monday, July 28, 2014

Mistress--#45 finished

I did not finish this the same day as Corked, it was a day later, but just now getting to sit down & type these up.  This is a good James Patterson page turner type book.  Presidential scandal and a rich online newspaper reporter/owner gets tangled up in it.  Fun stuff and keeps it going with twists and turns.  Wraps up a little too neatly but everyone likes a sort of happy ending or at least happiest that could be expected at that point.  I liked the main character, Ben, has some interesting things about him, a kind of ADHD type personality and also a cut to the chase type.  I wouldn't mind if this was the start of a series with him as the main character but will just have to wait & see.  Patterson really cranks out the books so it could be possible.

There is a bunch of WL for the book, like 140 some, but this book has stain on a couple pages so is not postable for PBS.  I might try to offer it up on a deal page at PBS or maybe just donate it out somewhere.  Still reading the John Stossel book and just started Gone to the Crazies, I think is the name.  Might try to start another tonight but not sure yet.

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