Saturday, July 12, 2014

Orange is the New Black--#42 finished

I was surprised I really enjoyed the book.  Really interesting and open and honest look at author's year spent in federal prison.  You can see in the book how she was able to accept her crime & how playing even a small role in drug running can affect people since many of the other women in prison have their own drug issues.  Not much talked directly about the war on drugs but certainly on non-violent criminals basically shouldn't be in jail/prison.  Prisons only seems to teach them to be better criminals or just puts them further behind the eight ball of life.  I don't know any answers to all this but all of the drug convictions seems to just be maintaining the poverty class--families trying to support others in the families while husband, wife, father, mother, etc are doing time.  Author didn't have the poverty background but many in prison did and that is what they were returning too.  It is really tragic for those and unfortunately we don't know how the others ended up.  Good read but still sad in that sense.

There are many WL for it so at some point I will post it on PBS but I have enough credits now so no big hurry to post.  I started a James Patterson book--Witness and still reading Terra something about Australian outback and the terrible treatment of the Aborigines there.  Also reading the latest John Stossel book.  Will probably just stay with these 3 for a couple days.

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