Friday, September 26, 2014

And She Was--#58 finished

A really good story of a woman trying to find herself, actually maybe more of her coming aware that she needs to find herself.  Crummy life growing up and continues just a wayward life and after following a man to the Aleutian Islands kind of slips into the unusual life in a desolate area.  The books bounces between Brandy's life and the life of Aleut women over time.  This is a tough place to live and you get a history lesson of what the natives had to go through especially after the Russians came and then later the Americans in WWII changed so much of their lives.  Interesting read of some customs, not sure they are completely true, I should probably check into that, but certainly sounds possible.  Brandy investigates some of this & through that realizes more about herself.  The book doesn't wrap it all up nicely.  She mentions on the last couple pages about her later life but no real answers about finding herself.  I guess that is a continuous journey.  A good book.

I have posted it on PBS, there were a couple copies on the system before but when I posted it today it was the only copy there.  I expect it will move at some point.  Also reading West of Venus--another kind of woman trying to find herself book with more comedy and bizarre characters.  Also reading a College Football book and The Incredible Lives of Greta Wells.  I will probably start another book today or at least over the weekend.

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