Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Home Jar--#55 finished

This is short story book by Nancy Zafris.  I read her book, Lucky Strike and enjoyed it.  This was different.  Some of the stories had interesting characters but most were kind of abstract.  It seemed as if the story itself wasn't that important but instead just putting down what the characters were doing & thinking.  I can understand that but isn't really what I enjoy.  I am sure there is lots of symbolism and references that I am missing, I am not an English or Literature major and it was like that is really more the intended audience that just some guy who picked up & read the book.

There is 1 WL for it so I will be posting it soon to mail it off.  PBS is still very slow on my WL books so don't need more credits but still do have a couple books that would be best to just mail and this is one of them.

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