Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Girl Who Played With Fire--#54 finished

I really enjoyed this, the 2nd in series of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  Good and interesting characters and quick fast paced story.  I will need to get to the 3rd installment soon, too bad it is the end.  I know no one reads this but the author passed away shortly after handing over all 3 books intact to his publisher.   Thankful he was able to finish them but sad that no more will be coming out for obviously my own selfish reasons.  I really like the main character Salandar, an interesting person and was neat to see in this part how she matured.  Interested to see how being shot will carry over into the next book with her personality.  This is the longest book I have read so far this year but I really just flew through it, probably around a week or less.

There are already many copies on PBS so I won't be adding another one, it just wouldn't move anyway.  I doubt I re-read this but might.  Might pass along to others, maybe my oldest in a year or two--probably still a little young for this book/series but if I told her that she would be mad at me.

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