Monday, August 4, 2014

Gone to the Crazies--#47 finished

A memoir of a middle age woman that lived a tough life in her younger years.  The only child of a very well to do mom & dad in New York city.  Problems early on in that mom sends her to therapy at age 5--really, that is just crazy.  From what it sounds she was just a kid that had different ideas and desires than the perfect image her parents wanted her to present to friends.  Really screwed up family life in that sense.  Of course then by middle school acting up and smoking, drugs & alcohol--again where were the parents.  Earlier lots of good things to say about the maid that basically raised her, not so much about her parents.  Then after daughter gets kicked out of school and then sent to one boarding school where she continues not caring and just screwing around, they ship her off to a cult like boarding school in nowhere CA.  Lots of discipline and getting in touch with feelings but sounds like really light on actually solving problems and giving real long term help--basically clean them up & brainwash them enough that parents think they are fixed but eventually life catches up & the fall back into problems.  Alison's problems came quick & got worse--addictions galore and no direction in life.  Bottoms out and realizes she wants to clean up her life & does so.  Too late with dad though, he was old when she was born--maybe 60s and now elderly & set in his ways but mom seems to have come around.  Really a sad story of half a wasted life but hope author continues and sounds like she will.

I have posted it on PBS & will be mailing it off probably this week, like 9 WL for it.  I had gotten it in a kind of deal where I jumped to the head of the line so kind of promised myself I would return it to next person in line to make up for skipping.  I have a few others that I need to do this with also and Bed from earlier was one of these too.

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