Wednesday, August 13, 2014

SideStreets St Louis--#49 finished

This is a collection of columns by the author, M.M. Costantin, wrote for a St Louis magazine at the end of the '70s and into early '80s.  The forward of the book talks about how St Louis is a dying town.  Living here for about 25 years now, since late '80s, it seems that topic comes up every few years, it is almost a joke now.  Today St Louis is so much better than what it was when I first moved here that the change is almost remarkable.  While there is plenty to kind of wonder if areas or jobs or people will ever get better, most of the area has progressed very well.  It was nice though to read this book and see what was going back then.  Also to kind of reflect on what life was like back then compared today.  It was a nice read, nothing great but I did enjoy it.

I have posted it on PBS, there was 1 WL for it so I should be mailing it off soon.  I am guessing another St Louisan out there will enjoy this as well.

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