Monday, August 25, 2014

The Dog Stars--#52 finished

An interesting read & take on the whole end of the world thing.  No zombies or vampires or the like, just a virus of some sort released and kills 99% of the population maybe.  End of the book hints at not all areas of earth were affected the same, Arabs in jets, whatever.  Just a pretty good read about a couple of the few people that survived and how their life is still a struggle.  Of course chaos rules and everyone you meet is out to get you, not sure I really bought into that idea but there it was.  Also main character, Hig, is able to keep a Cessna plane still flying.  Lots of stuff that just have to go with the flow on and just realize it is about how the character acts & thinks is really the main thrust of the book.  I guess if you are writing an end of the world as we know it book, the details are all yours, who can argue.

It was just okay, not bad but not one that I will remember much about long term either.  I will be posting it back on PBS, that is where I got it from.  There are like 150 WL for it so just a matter of when I want to finally mail it off.

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