Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Silence--$69 finished

A good detective read and hopefully a start of a series.  I have book 2 also but doesn't look like book 3 is out and not sure if being written.  The main character, Jack Till, has a young adult daughter with Down syndrome.  She is just a background character but you can tell by reading it she is in his thoughts all the time.  Just like the way that is in the story.  Detective helped lady disappear 6 years ago and then suddenly has to find her & goes about tracking her down while killers are also tracking to kill the lady.  Good details about everyone's life and thoughts.  Story kept moving.  Maybe not the most brilliant but overall a good read.

I just checked back and saw that I have read more books than last year.  Last year checked in a 67, 2012 at 70, 2011 at 75, 2010 at 87 and 2009 at 81.  I won't hit the 80s this year but should get somewhere in lower to middle 70s--nice to stop that downward trend I had been on.  Of course some of my books this year were short and just entertainment types but I don't mind.

I am not sure if I will put this on PBS or not.  Might just wait to see how book 2 goes first.  There are copies already on system so I doubt it would move right away so no hurry either way.

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