Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stories of Your Life and Others--#68 finished

I had heard of Ted Chiang as a smart writer but hadn't read anything by him till now.  This is a republish of some of his short stories from earlier in his career it sounds like.  I really enjoyed the stories, they are certainly not your normal spit it out there story.  You have to think while reading, it is not just entertainment reading but actually thinking and considering what is going on.  Fun stuff.  I have been reading too much just plain old books, nice that this one through a little curve ball to me.  It is a kind of science fiction but not all set way far off or with hard to follow abstract concepts--all really more real to life.  Seems like ideas or possibilities are just a few short years away.  Good stuff.

I will be posting on PBS at some point, there are 35 WL for it so it should move once I do post it.  I had a run on books coming to me the last couple days so I am a little short on credits but getting 3 or 4 mailed out in the next couple days to replenish my supply.

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