Thursday, January 8, 2015

Man Killed by Pheasant--#2 finished

This is a memoir of the author in the style that I enjoyed before where the author does short stories about important parts of their life.  Rather than just the normal kind of script like in grade school--this, then high school--this, now just a story about something I remember when I was this age or something along those lines.  You are able to get good insight into their lives without needing all of the details.  Since the couple books I read this way were about more normal people, all the details really aren't that important.  Good stuff in here about what he was thinking and happy times, fears, anxieties and everything else.  He grew up in Iowa and while he wanted to move away, he found himself staying in Iowa his whole life so far--I think he was probably only in his 40s when he wrote the book.  I am guessing to that he probably won't move unless he has to for some reason almost beyond his control.

I will be posting it on PBS and probably pretty soon since there is only 1 WL for it.  I am reading Multiple Choice a kind of almost chic lit book that so far is pretty decent, also reading some book about a hot dog joint in Florida--a fiction novel, just getting it started so not really sure yet.  Also reading Cult Baseball Players or something like that, short write-ups on baseball players, published in 1990 I think so obviously players before that--no current or recent day players.  I will probably look to start another one today or tomorrow as well.

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