Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Successor--#1 finished

My first book finished in 2015.  I will probably try to type up some kind of recap of 2014 in next few weeks but not today.  First book I have read by author and it was okay.  I didn't realize it was a series until after I finished it.  Not sure I am going to try to start over on it.  It is about a bigwig financial capital person that has big time friends in politics.  This book was about him having a role in an overthrow of Cuba.  I started it just before Cuba got in the news with relations with the US defrosting, so kind of funny timing.  The book has a large cast of people and was kind of difficult in keeping them straight so makes sense it is a series so most readers already knew them, to me was a little confusing and not very in depth.  Oh well, I have a couple other books by author but don't think part of this series--I will probably give them a try at some time.  I had selected this book because it is a mass market paperback and wanted one to take along when went back to NE for Christmas and didn't really matter that it got a little bent up.

The spine cracked on it, kind of cheap book and just didn't hold up well and I am very easy with my books.  Oh well, I will give it away somewhere, can't post of PBS.

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