Friday, January 30, 2015

Body Count--#6 finished

This is an account of a serial killer in Spokane Washington back in the 1990s.  The killer Robert Lee Yates killed prostitutes in the area.  The book was written soon after a plea was done where he avoided the death penalty.  The last few pages of the book savage this plea deal.  I just checked wikipedia and 2 of the murders happened in a different county and I see where they did get a death penalty conviction but it is still in appeals.

The lives of his victims were sad before he killed them.  Most were severely addicted to drugs and for that reason lived as prostitutes to pay for the habit.  Most seemed to have children and struggled for existence, but obviously their death gave them no opportunity to reform their lives.  Sad story they had to live like they were and made sadder with their murders.

I will not be posting it on PBS because the spine of the book is cracked.  I will put it on the give away pile for now.

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