Monday, July 13, 2015

Infidelities--#38 finished

This is a short story book by Josip Novakovich a native of Croatia.  The stories are all about the Balkans, the area of the former Yugoslavia that broke apart in bloody wars in the 1990s.  Very good stories and characters.  Mostly about the times of the 1990s when this country was breaking up into several and the author took the perspective of the individual person and how they were affected by the war.  Some very emotional writing.  I also enjoyed the author wrote from both a female and male perspective very convincingly.  Good book that I enjoyed.

There is a little water damage on the last 30 or so pages so I cannot post it on PBS.  I will start a new stack of books to be given away with it.  I will probably also be sorting off some of the ones on my PBS bookshelf that were never move & give them away as well.

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