Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Mortal Enemy--#41 finished

A short novel by Willa Cather.  Kind of interesting look at the life of a lady that was adopted and when became a young adult picked lover over the family money.  Her father said if she goes off and marries her boyfriend she will be left out of his considerable will and he will give it all to charities, she was their only child and I think the mother had past.  She chooses love in a grand dramatic gesture and while her life was good it is not the fairy tale either.  She also ends her life poor after living younger & middle age years doing well when husband had good job.  At end she seems to miss the money but not sure if that is just old age and poor health talking or if she really means she lives a regretful life.  An interesting read and interesting characters, I really do like Cather's writing in general.

This one is not in good enough shape for PBS and since it is a Cather book I would not be mailing it anyway.

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