Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Summons--#36

This was the vacation reader book, a good quick read by John Grisham, written a few years back.  A good story of a 2 sons of a MS judge, one sort of good son and one addict and overall bad son.  Both basically estranged from their dad, dad asks both to come back to go over will.  When good son gets there dad is dead and he finds lots of cash hidden in boxes.  Not knowing how or why the cash got there, he has to stash it first & then figure out what to do with it, he is also the executor.  Some interesting stuff on what goes on and of course he is being stalked but he can't figure out by who.  Pretty good story, easy quick read.

I just passed this along to my sister while at vacation, book was mass paperback so sure there are hundreds of copies already on PBS so no reason to put another one.

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