Friday, July 17, 2015

The Infinite Tides--#39 finished

I really enjoyed this book.  An astronaut on the space station for a extended tour has his life fall apart from him while up there.  His daughter dies in a car accident and then days after this his wife lets him know she is divorcing him.  Work has been his whole life and after these shocks, he starts getting migraines so he can no longer perform at work too.  Problems in getting him down & new crew up happen but that was all kind of background.  The book starts after he is down and him trying to understand and restart his life.  NASA puts him on hold with everything going on and he returns to his house that his wife has almost completely cleaned out.  It is a struggle for him--emotions are something he avoided, instead preferring his math and calculations.  Some interesting side characters and it took a while but you see that he does kind of get through it but the end of the book doesn't really take that step.  You just kind of know that he will be alright now.

This is one of those multiple WL books that I ordered so I will be sending it off on PBS at some point probably in a few weeks.  Really liked this book.

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