Monday, August 17, 2009

PopCo--#48 finished

This is a really good and interesting read. I really liked the way the author, Scarlett Thomas bounced back and forth between Alice's(the main character) current life and her life growing up. There was mystery or at least not normal happenings running with both story lines. I especially enjoyed her growing up time and the pressures and attempts to fit in that she really struggled with, it really added much depth to the character. The end got a little preachy with a kind of anti-capitalist rant but not enough to keep the book from being enjoyable overall.

I have another Scarlett Thomas book in my stacks of books, The End of Mr Y. I will be looking at getting this book read much sooner since finishing PopCo, Scarlett Thomas will be a writer I will try to follow.

The book is on WL at PBS but is a little rough in condition, I think it is still fine to post, but hopefully it won't go to someone too picky. I am still reading Child 44 and Wrong on Race and will probably add a 3rd book tonight as well.

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