Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Next--#46 finished

This book written by Walter Mosley was supposed to be a kind of conversation starter about how to achieve peace in this world from a black perspective. I found the book to be way to simplistic and frankly naive in it ideas and thoughts. He comes out blaming US corporate interests as the real power behind the US government and the cause for most of the problems in the world. He wants a brand of democracy removed from capitalism, don't know what this is, but sounds like socialism of some sort. Rarely mentioned are dictators and oppressive leaders of these foreign nations.

I was actually expecting a Bush bash book, but this book is not that. I can tell from the tone of the book that he is not a fan of Bush, but Bush is rarely mentioned. As I was finishing it, I checked Amazon for reviews and most reviews were positive and I am not sure why. This book has huge gaps reality and scanty understanding of the world. I am actually surprised the book was even published in the first place. Oh well, I guess I see things differently.

There was already one copy in PBS, but my copy is now out there as well. It might move eventually or I might get tired of looking at it & send it off somewhere else. Right now reading PopCo, was also reading Late Night Talking but have gotten 25 pages in and cannot stand to read anymore. Late Night Talking is also now on my PBS bookshelf.

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