Monday, December 14, 2009

Blow--#78 finished

This is a true story of a man, George Jung, who became a big time player in the movement of illegal drugs into the US. It is a well written with plenty of background and in depth information into his life and his career as a transporter of first marijuana and then later cocaine. It was sickening to read about actually how with no guilt these drugs were moved to the US and how countless lives were screwed up with them. Now of course those using the drugs plays a large responsibility for the actions but the people providing them are guilty as well. It is really too bad because George was obviously a smart person with a lot of ability that could have been successful in many other lines of work but instead got into the drug trade and stayed in his whole life, or at least his life outside of prison. Per the internet, George is in prison, not due to get out until 2015 at age 72. Too bad but that is what happens when some one chooses to go against the laws of the land.

Now an interesting argument could be made and has been made that some or all drugs should be legal. This book really never presented that idea because it was not what this book was about. It was really about the life of George Jung and how he helped enlarge the drug trade in this country in the '70s & '80s. Good book, good read. I think most people will enjoy this if they are at all interested in the drug trade.

I cannot post this book on PBS because the spine cracked on it while reading. It is still readable so I will probably put it on my unpostable list where I will throw it in with a book order.

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