Saturday, December 19, 2009

"A" is for Alibi--#80 finished

Kind of neat that I have hit 80 books read this year. Not sure if this will be my high water mark or not. I am thinking I might try reading some longer books next year instead of focusing on trying to read so many. I still might get one or two read yet this year since still have what 10 days or so to go--and some of those will be vacation days also.

As far as A is for Alibi, it was fun to read the first book in this series after I had already read about 5 or 6 others. It was nice to step back and see what the beginning was all about. There are story lines that haven't been developed yet and characters that played little role in this one that play much larger later. I will probably try to pick up the B book in the next few weeks and read it as well. This was a good little quick mystery/investigation like all of the books of hers. A fun read with enough action and suspense to mix with plan old investigation stuff. I really do like this series, not sure I could really read all of these back to back to back, etc but to mix in during the year is good.

I will be keeping this book around, no sense in posting it. I might see if I can get the series and maybe loan out to others rather than put on PBS where I wouldn't expect it to move for years.

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