Sunday, December 6, 2009

Judge & Jury--#77 finished

This was my first James Patterson book, he actually wrote with Andrew Gross also, and I liked it. I have seen many of his books at book stores & listed on PBS and from the write ups figured they would be up my alley, but just hadn't read one yet. This is a good book, good action, good characters but the whole romance end of it seemed forced. Also the mafia parts of it were interesting but the crimes and control of the bad guy just seemed too far--just not likely. Like I said though a good book. I will not be scared of looking for other Patterson books, but nothing about this one made me bust out & have to read them either. Probably good books to look for on the Book Bazaar page on PBS.

There are around 470 some copies of this already on PBS so might not move for awhile. I did see where on the Book Bazaar someone is looking for deals on Grisham and Patterson so I might shoot a PM out & see if I can mail some of these off.

I am still working on Blow and just started reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast. Might look for a 3rd book yet tonight to get started on. Eighty is looking like a real possibility for the year right now also. Will probably pick something that I know I can finish in a week or 2 just to make sure.

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