Friday, December 11, 2009

Kind of Funny

It was just yesterday that I was saying about PBS that I was just going to wait for my WL books to come in. Well today was a new day. When I got home from work tonight, I had an order for one of my books, one that I really wasn't expecting to be ordered anytime soon. So I figured I would throw one of my other books that I don't want to read on my bookshelf that had 8 people wanting it so I could mail 2 books at once. Well after posting it, you have to wait an hour for the website, a kind of poster's remorse time before it shows up. I checked it a couple of hours later and it was accepted and a 3rd book was also being requested. That means I would have been at 44 once these were all delivered so I figured I could check out the Book Bazaar and maybe order something.

Well, I kind of talked myself into doing a 3 for 1 from a lady moving to Europe who wants her books to go away by then. Now a couple hours after that, I again went to the Book Bazaar and found a lady in Puerto Rico that had an interesting book and an interesting old unpostable book so I ordered them as well. No problem with the credits, I have plenty with the potential of many more once I post them. It is just so much for my statement yesterday of waiting for those WL books, but maybe now I will wait. No promises though. Well, I need to get back to reading, I have too many books that need to be read.

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