Friday, January 1, 2010

Black Star Rising--#1 finished

First day of the new year and I have one book down already. I was still over 100 pages from finishing yesterday and didn't think I would get it done until later this weekend. But with it being cold and me not really feeling like doing much of anything, I read a lot today, mostly this book. This was a good action book with some interesting stuff on possible new technology on Stealth fighter planes. The story revolved around some islands off Vietnam that both Vietnam & China wanted for the oil discovered there and how the US, or at least the US President, decided to side with Vietnam and forced ourselves into the middle of it.

I think the whole story of the battle between the US & China is not very likely and certainly don't think all of the damage and lives lost would be ignored as it seemed to be in this book. After reading it I saw that there are other books with the same main characters so not sure if I am missing some back story on this that might make it seem more reasonable. I might check out other books by this author but won't go all must have on them either. Like I said, a good read, but there should be better out there also.

I have already posted it on PBS, there are 9 copies in front of it so will probably be a few months or more before it moves. No hurry though. After waiting in lines at the post office before Christmas, I am in no hurry to mail out books right now. I can wait it out until I can mail multiple books at once.

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