Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hunger Games--#4 finished

Well, I wasn't expecting to finish this book so quickly. It is a "teens" book that Rose wants to read & that other kids in her class have already read. I figured it was probably one for me to read & see what it is like before letting her read. It is in the US after most likely a nuclear war has occurred. It is quite a few years since and in this futuristic country, the have a competition with one boy & one girl from each district have to battle to the death where there is only one winner. The hero of the book Katniss is allowed to join with Peeta the boy from her district and they force the Capital to declare both winners. This is the groundwork for the next novels in the series. The 2nd novel is already out and the 3rd is coming out in August of this year. I don't know if more to follow or not yet.

I liked the story a lot. It has some of those good coming of age elements along with strong elements of independence and intelligence. While there are some sad and also scary parts to the book, I think it is okay for Rose. She is now reading Twilight after seeing the movie so after vampires, futuristic killings and stuff is probably not that bad.

This is a library book that I actually checked out so I will be returning it shortly. I had planned to hand it off to Rose for her to read but since Twilight came in the mail today she will be busy with it for the next few days or so.

I am still working on The Religion and have also started a comedy book 2007 7-11, kind of a short comedy skit book. Not too impressed yet but the skits are short so easy to pickup for a minute and do some light reading. I don't think I will be starting another book tonight but will be looking to get one started later this week for sure.

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