Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodnight, Texas--#2 finished

I actually finished this book yesterday on 1/2, so 2 days and 2 books finished. I finished it late though, like 2:30am actually this morning, but since before I went to sleep I still figure it that previous day, if any of this makes sense. But my point is, I guess, it is done. There will not be a 3rd book finished anytime soon, still reading The Religion but have over 400 pages to go & just started one and about the same 400 to go on it--I think it is Defenseless but not sure on the title.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Goodnight, Texas, I thought the characters and the general story of the coastal town was interesting and nicely woven. I really enjoyed the characters because I thought they were realistic, you got to see both the good and bad sides of them all. I thought the author did a very good job on presenting them and just letting the story flow, it didn't seem like anything was forced in defining the characters. The author also left undefined how everything would work out but there is a sense of optimism at the end where you believe it will all work out. A good story, kind of depressing and upsetting at times but interesting the whole way through.

I have already posted it on PBS and will be mailing it off next week. This is one where I am kind of glad because I am sure the next person will enjoy this book. From her RC it sounds like it will be a keeper book for her but that is okay as well. I will probably be looking for a 3rd book to start later today but no ideas right now on what it will be.

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