Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tenth post of month

It has been a couple years now that I have been sticking to my getting into double digit posts at my blog each month. While I am not sure if I really care to keep it up this year, I figure I can get it done this first month & see what comes after that. I need to think about a list of things to do/accomplish this year also.

Last year this blog seemed to be 90% about reading & running and I really should open it up to more than that but haven't been inspired to type much else. Oh well I will see what comes. I haven't gotten a run in for about 2 weeks now so not much to say there. I should get one in tomorrow but will have to see about that also.

Reading 3 different books right now, still The Religion and also just started The Charlemagne Pursuit and about halfway through Big Hair and Flying Cows. Quite the mix of books I guess I would have to say.

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