Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Hair and Flying Cows--#8 finished

Well this book definitely falls into the "not my typical book" category. This is another chic-lit type book that was kind of enjoyable and certainly an easy read. Nothing spectacular going on with it but was actually kind of funny and a decent story with some decent characters. Again not what I would normally pick up but I wanted some light reading to do between reading The Religion and Mollie's Job and Big Hair and Flying Cows fit the bill.

It was mostly a feel good story about a 32 year old woman that weird things happen to as well as her struggling to find a man/relationship. Of course in the end it all works out probably better than she would have expected. No surprises and a few little plot twists but nothing major just a nice easy read. As far as chic-lit goes it was one of the better ones I have read, I would place it with Hot & Bothered as good with Chasing Harry Winston maybe not far behind and then others like The Au Pairs, The Spy with the Silver Lining and Phi Beta Bimbo as at the bottom of the barrel. Looking at that list, it is kind of sad that I have read those books in the last year plus but with almost 90 books read in the last year and 1 month I guess a few strange ones is okay.

Also Big Hair and Flying Cows is on 2 WL so I wanted to get it read and posted so I can mail it off. I just finished posting it so hopefully it will be in the mail later this week.

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