Saturday, February 26, 2011

Age is Just a Number--#13 finished

This is Dara Torres autobiography, she is the American Olympic swimmer that was age 41 at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. That was her 5th Olympic games. It is really an amazing feat and her story is a good one. Her dedication and commitment was amazing. She doesn't really mention it but her financial commitment to this had to be great as well, from the sounds of it in the book, she came from a very well to do family. The Olympics and most Olympic sports just don't pay well enough for someone to commitment the money to it like she must have. That being said all the money in the world wouldn't help without her again, amazing dedication and commitment.

It is a really good story. There are some goofy parts like her consulting a fortune-teller and actually believing the advice but that adds a degree of creditability to the story. Putting something like that out there had to expose her to some ridicule but I will give her credit for being honest in her book. She has had an interesting career(?) as a swimmer and I will have to google her to see what she is doing currently. I am not sure she will be able to leave the sport but I also don't think coaching is up her alley either.

I will be posting it on PBS at some point, there are 12 WL for it. I am no hurry though to run to the post office to mail just one book, so might wait until something else gets requested. I started reading Rules of Betrayal, the 3rd in the series--I have liked the other 2 and this one has started off good in the first 30 pages or so. I am also starting Kings of Cocaine about the whole drug trade from '70s on. Still reading Eat This Book also.

Age is Just a Number was my 5th book of February, a little slower than January, where I knocked out 8. I don't think I will finish another one, although Eat could get close. I have read 2 700+ page books already this year, last year I only read 3 books over 600 pages. That was one of my kind of goals this year--to read some of the larger books that I have sitting around finally. Of course some of the other 11 I have read have been a little shorter but that is just the way it goes too.

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