Sunday, May 29, 2011

God's Spy--#32 finished

This is a first novel for the author and overall it is okay. A good story with some interesting characters but parts of the story were a little iffy, but for a first novel it is alright. I wasn't overwhelmed by it and I am not searching out his next novel immediately but still it was enjoyable. The topic seems to be one of those over done topics, the Catholic church/Vatican. After the Dan Brown blockbusters there have been too many of these similar ones. A female detective that is also a serial killer profiler gets caught up in investigating the murders of Cardinals right before the election of the next pope.

I have already posted it on by Bookshelf at PBS and there are 8 other copies there also. It is one that I got in a deal in the Book Bazaar. I will try to wait it out, could be a while before it gets requested though. I do expect it to move at some point though unlike others on my bookshelf.

I just started reading The Midnight House and a few days earlier started reading Berlin Blues. I am still working on Alexander Hamilton also--it is really taking a while to get through this one. I think I am under a hundred pages remaining but it will still be a few days to a week or maybe more for it.

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