Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running over the weekend

Well, I was able to get some decent runs in this past long weekend. On Friday night after work, I went for a run that was pretty bad. I only did 2 miles, not my normal 3 because it wasn't good and I figured a shorter run would let me run the next day.

I did run the next day on Saturday and got in 3 miles. It was decent run, slow but got it in. It was also at the end of the day so tired and all that too.

Then I took Sunday off and I almost didn't get a run in on Monday either. I finished up some painting that needed to be done for a very long time and saw the Cardinal game wasn't very good so went for my run. I did 6 miles, all over 13 minutes a mile, the last 3 around 14 minutes. So time wasn't good but it felt great actually doing a long run. It has been too long since I had gotten in any kind of decent longish type run.

I am still in not very good shape but this past weekend at least brought me a couple steps closer.

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