Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Osiris Alliance--#27 finished

This is a first book by a veteran lawyer and news man, Jack Ford. I haven't heard of him but I might have caught him on TV at some point. Oh well, his book is alright especially for a first book and all. The action kept moving but at a few points seems like a veteran prosecutor would have handled things much differently instead of going out and leading an investigation himself and then later with a news reporter. Looking past some of that though it is still a good story and some interesting old time stuff with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Not an amazing read or anything but not too bad either.

I have posted it on PBS, there is only 1 copy a head of it but since this is not an established or popular author it might take a while before it gets requested. This is okay though since my bookshelf has several of these 1 or 2 copy books on it. Generally speaking these books move, it just takes time and with a lot of credits stocked up on, I have time to sit with them and wait.

I am still working on Alexander Hamilton but it is slow going, I am to page 60 but it is going slow. I have also started a James Rollins book, Altar of Eden and have also just reached 60. I will be looking to start a 3rd book later as well.

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