Saturday, October 22, 2011

Catching Fire--#60 finished

This is the 2nd book in The Hunger Games series. This is a solid book and a solid series so far. The last book is The Mockingjay which we have and I will probably be reading sometime in the months ahead. My oldest really liked all 3 books and is also looking forward to the first movie coming out in Spring of 2012. Lots of stuff going on in the book and you can tell more coming in the 3rd book too. It is popular so no need for me to try to re-hash anything here other than to just say I am recommending the series.

These books are all keepers of my daughter so no mailing these out. I am still slowly moving along with the Clinton vs Starr book around page 360 or 370--still a long ways to go. Also reading The St Louis Veiled Prophet Celebration, a kind of history of this event. This book reads like a history book too so it is slow going but I am 114 in with 171 total so getting it done. Also started reading Prodigal Son a part 2 or 2nd in series(?) which the first book was Head Games read a year ago I think. I might grab a 4th book tonight also.

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