Sunday, October 23, 2011

The St Louis Veiled Prophet Celebration--#61 finished

A book about a St Louis tradition, the Veiled Prophet. Reads like a history book so a little dry but still interesting. Not being a native St Louisian I wasn't really aware of the VP and had very little knowledge of it so this book filled in quite a bit. An interesting organization and also interesting that the organization made some changes in diversity to allow it to continue in modern times. It is not a topic that really interests me but I enjoy at least getting this information about it.

I have already posted it and I see if accepted it will be going to someone else in the St Louis area. I kind of figured that, I just can't see much interest in this book outside of St Louis unless it is from a transplanted St Louisian. There were 3 WL for it so I expect it will be mailed off to someone later this week.

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