Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reckless: The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women--#64 finished

This was a really quick read about, well basically the title. The author is a journalist and picked out 9 women from earlier interviews or that she had heard of & compiled a short writeup on them and turned it into a book. Kind of interesting for what it was a quick look at each of them, not really anything in-depth. I needed a different kind of book and this one qualified with the quick read being the main goal I had.

I have already posted it on PBS, there were 7 WL for it. I also posted Rickwood Field on PBS as well to have 2 books to mail off once they get accepted. I am making progress on Clinton vs Starr, I am just over 100 pages to go. I doubt I will finish this weekend though, it will probably be next week or weekend before it is done. I have also started The Wrong Side of Memphis by a St Louis author and I am still working on A Gate at the Stairs. I might be starting a 4th book as well. I seem to like starting books right now more so than working to finish the ones already started. Oh well.

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