Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Roots of Obama's Rage--#67 finished

This is a very interesting book with an attempt to understand President Obama and some of his motivations. Basically it is about Obama understanding his father, who had abandoned him & his mother. His father came from humble beginnings in Kenya and was able to get a US education that when he returned to Kenya he turned into a government job. His basic ideology was anti-colonialism with some socialism thrown in as well. The author argument is that Obama has taken this same ideology and has incorporated into his own and is behind all of Obama's major acts as President. It is an interesting idea and from reading the book seems to have a lot of merit. The book points out a few cases where people were left scratching their heads about a policy or statement from Obama and this anti-colonialism does seem to explain these. I have not read any book reviews or seen how this book was accepted after it came out, that is my next step after writing this up, but to me it seems to explain some of what we have in our President.

I will be posting this book on PBS, I know there is a WL for the book, I can't remember how many though. I will probably also post the Clinton vs Starr book as well. Still reading A Gate at the Stairs and The Last Undercover.

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