Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Last Undercover--#68 finished

This is a true story written by a former FBI agent Bob Hamer. The book talks about several of his cases but the focus of the book is about his infiltrating NAMBLA. An amazing story and a real hero. The NAMBLA case was probably the one where he had the least worries as far as danger during the case--drug deals, arms deals, terrorists are much more dangerous for the undercover agent. The NAMBLA case though really entered him into the sickness of pedophiles. I started reading this book right before the Sandusky news from Penn State started coming out & now there is the Fine from Syracuse stories coming out. There is a real sickness in this country and am glad some were caught early on. Unfortunately it seems most of those in the book were not very smart or not overly cautious--joining NAMBLA itself is evidence of this. Those that stay hidden seem hard to find--how Sandusky and Fine operated for years without getting caught is just amazing & devastating.

I will be posting the book on PBS to pass it along. I think there are around 17 WL for it. I really wasn't expecting to finish this book tonight but just got on it. Nice start to Dec. Would like to get to 72 read for the year.

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