Thursday, December 29, 2011

Descent into Danger--#75 finished

This is an alright book that borders on cheesy. Everything about the book just seems way to unlikely to occur, if you can suspend your belief in reality though it is not too bad. Some weird twists and some just kind of plain strange stuff that the author just seems to send along as completely normal. Oh well, not a bad read and it is a pretty quick read all in all.

It is book read number 75 for the year and is probably the last one I will finish for 2011. In 2008 it was 30 books, in 2009 it was 81 books and last year in 2010 it was 87. This is a very very good 3 year stretch for my reading I must say. Don't know what 2012 will bring but probably more of the same, I have a ton of books to be read in my book room.

I am still reading Last Night in Twisted River and the General Lemay books. I will look to add a 3rd either tonight or tomorrow night as well.

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